It´s almost a year since…

I´ve had any time to write some lines here. Noelanders Trophy 2017 is on our doorstep and my kilns aren´t getting the chance to cool down. A little less stress would be good as I´m still not quite completely fit, some twinges at times, but it could be worse and I enjoy my work.

The whole problem began six months ago when I was riding my bike, according to  regulations, along a joint foot- and cycle path. A car driver was coming out of a driveway and  overlooked me. There was nothing for me to do but brake, which I did a little too sharply, so I flew over the handlebars and landed in front of the car.

Hearing crunching noises in my elbow, I went to the doctor, diagnosis: radius head fracture of the right elbow joint.(Six weeks and then I can return to work). In the MRI next day a bone splinter showed up, so off  I was sent to the Occupational Accident Clinic Boberg. An operation was planned, but a week hence, as there was a danger of infection through the grazes to my elbow. (Seven weeks and then I can get back to work). So I had the operation and got an awesome cast bandage:

The weather was lovely and I could easily get a short-sleeved shirt over my new arm. Now I was learning how to do buttons up with my left hand, cleaning my teeth wasn´t too bad, spreading butter on bread, hmmm, I still needed some practice. Using the mouse with my left hand was a tricky game of skill.

I couldn´t get to know my new kiln any better, I couldn´t try out pots larger than 50cm with my clay, but I could read, and in large amounts, as I normally only do on holiday. And orders???

At some stage physiotherapy started. My arm was freed from its bandage, which was slit open on one side. Nothing moved, stuck at 90°. My muscles had disappeared, I couldn´t even squeeze toothpaste from the tube with my right . Now it was time for the Bonsai in the North (Bonsai im Norden) exhibition in Munster. Super, this was when carpal tunnel syndrome had set in, causing me to wake up in the night every 20 minutes.

“This just can´t go on”, said my doctor in Boberg and sent me to a daily rehab as an outpatient. This turned out to be for four months (without being able to work).  At the start of January, I tried to knead clay, 4 kilos as I used to do, but with the difference that my left arm was still much stronger and my right elbow just sent messages to my brain to please cease this activity. So my rehab exercises were adapted to enable me to knead clay again and I got started. Pottery wheel: backache, no sufficient muscles. Putting pots together, always on my feet: backache and my feet!! Working with tools, everything dropped out of my hand! It was lucky I had managed a ceramics workshop for people with special needs for over twenty years and I could slowly but surely work on my weakness and at last I´m back on track again. At least 90 minutes of physio exercises each day and I´m ready for Noelanders Trophy 2017, I´ve got enough pots. Afterwards I´ll begin working on the piles of paperwork on my desk, quite unbelievable how much is waiting for me.

And I´d I like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has helped me to get back the use of my right arm and right hand, and as far as the last little bit is concerned, we´ll get there too!

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