Things (sometimes) seem to happen when you least expect them

A little while ago I had an internet shop ( with some additional pages) with 1&1 just as a trial to see whether the world was really interested in my accent pots and I even had a blog too. Everything got bigger, the internet shop was changed  to another provider because the photos were better, my own website was redesigned and the blog moved over to it. Everything was set up when I thought I would do away with the former shop as I didn´t need it and didn´t want to spend any more money on it. The period for giving notice was very lengthy and got forgotten, you can depend on these things  happening automatically these days.

Two weeks ago I needed a text, why think up a new one, I´ll just copy it from my website.  I called up the site and there it was: error in the database. That was a Friday evening. This error message was still showing instead of my website on Monday and somehow it dawned on me, this was around the time the contract for my old internet shop expired. After talking to the provider it turned out that not only the shop itself  had been deleted, but everything else too and there is no possibility  to retrieve anything because the last backup had also already been deleted. “And in any case, we  do not make a database backup”, came at the end of the conversation. There is still Strato, I thought, but what could happen if I change the provider again?

Now I can start afresh to feed this blog. I still have some old photos, but of course I didn´t save the corresponding texts.

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